Pershore Golf Society Screenshot

Pershore Golf Society

Shadie Graphics, Web

A local golfing society, helping them connect to their members.  We created their website, branding and systems for keeping track of their games.

Success Cycling Website Screenshot

Success Cycling Website

Shadie Web

One of the original websites developed by SC Design.  This website was developed using WordPress and Woocommerce Integrations.  Success Cycling has benefited greatly from having an effective e-commerce platform to funnel sales activities at a greater margin.

Teltyres Ltd Website Screenshot

Tel-Tyres Website

Shadie Web

One of SC Designs first ever websites developed was for Tel-Tyres.  They’ve seen their business grow significantly following the development of their website and social media channels. This website required integration with third party services for tyre selection.

CP FOODS UK LTD CPF Website Screenshot

CP Foods Website

Shadie Web

CP FOODS worked with us to improve and modernise their website structure and design.  As part of the process we had the pleasure of defining the Branding for the UK Group.  This included creating Branding Guidelines and communications. We recommend you view the live website by clicking the link in this article.